20 November 2010

Perhaps a bit too critical of how I post...

This blog was designed to allow me to post about my thoughts and ideas behind my adventures through the realm of game design. I realized that unspoken restrictions upon the content of my posts were preventing me from updating here. I do have a lot of drafts and unfinished posts though. But I was encouraging myself to post fully fledged ideas, when they should have a chance to iterate and grow here instead! I'm going to clean them up and post them under the original times I was going to post the posts (there are a lot of ideas that were unfinished New Idea forms).

As a designer I need to get ideas out, to better articulate them, and as time goes on my ideas and how I communicate them will definitely become more natural.

But for now, I'll just post them as they come. It's likely that I'm doing fine and am being too cautious anyways. I've added a new tag, stated Eureka. It's where I'll post random thoughts and ideas that become salient to me. They don't need to be too cohesive or even good, but as I go, I can always look back on them and use them as a source of inspiration. If I choose to develop them further, I'll tag them "Idea Pitch" and iterate the idea through "Idea Iteration."

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