11 October 2010

My First Post

Hey all,

Just wanted to get out a first post about what's going to go into this blog. This is a blog about all of my practices and experiences into the murky waters that is Game Design.  As a person who wants to be a better designer, I believe it's incredibly important to get my ideas out in writing, into the physical world. It's also important for me to see the process to which I do design, to understand it more. It's always a good thing to keep a record of the past, especially with thoughts, because you can always return to these writings to not only see where you've been and where you've come from, but to also draw from the power of the past and your past thoughts.

You'll also see anything else design related I might have. Like reviews, and simple thoughts and bursts of inspiration.

The title of this blog, perhaps it will change, perhaps not, I'm actually rather attached to it. An artifex is an artificer, a crafter, an inventor, a master of his art, it is from latin and it is used describe craftsmen. We designers are craftsmen, we work hard to polish and make the best experiences possible. Drawing inspiration from my psychology class, I believe that designers are the crafters of the dreams that are called games. People are taught things through games, they're taught things through any game they play. As such games are the great medium for learning and teaching, not necessarily for formal education, but for morals, lessons, and inspirations of the truths of the world.

To those that know me, I'm a wordy person, I write a lot and explain a lot using analogies I appologize if that's not your cup of tea, but I'm grateful that you've at least gotten this far into my world.

To the craft of dreams,

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