17 October 2010


I'd like to use the posts that are tagged under "Idea Iteration" to represent updates in a current game idea I'm working on. This presents a nice history of an idea to me! I can see where I was in a few months, or even years to come!

Posts that are tagged with "New Idea" represent the first mention of an idea that I'm usually throwing out.This post kinda merges "New Idea" and "Idea Iteration"

The idea I present first is my GAM300 Project, my team is Haniwa5-0 and the current game name is HaniWars. Honestly I don't really like the name of the game that much, so I'll probably change it later.

Idea Title:
Pipes! or Chi Flow

High Concept:
A strategy-puzzle game where the player plays both sides of a tower defense game:
  • The first side is a strategy-puzzle Tower Defense, where the player utilizes chi as a resource to build and manage his towers. By mastering the flow of chi the player can maximize the strength of his towers. (Haniwa Mode)
  • The other side is a strategy game where the player sends out and manages units to capture the base. It's up to the player to manage the numbers and the types of the units he's using. (Oni Mode or Minion Mode)
 Concept in-detail:
One thing to note, the Minion Mode parallels the Haniwa Mode, they use similar mechanics to grow. Because of this, at this stage Minion Mode is a bit undefined.
  • Haniwa Mode requires the player to survive the waves of Oni. 
    • Towers are used to attack incoming Oni. 
  • Towers require chi to remain active, without it they lose animation. 
  • Towers use the attributes of Chi to strengthen themselves
    • Chi can be neutral or it can have attributes of the 5 Chinese elements
      • Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth
  •  Towers can store Chi within themselves, if Chi is removed from towers, they won't stop being active immediately
    • They'll use up their stored chi and slowly become less animated as they run out
  • Chi is manipulated using "pipes"
    • Players get pipes to manipulate flows of Chi from their sources
    • Pipes can have many effects upon the Chi that flows into them
    • Players are required to manipulate Chi in order to be successful at the game
      • There may be Oni on more than one front and only one source of Chi, the player must then route the chi to the areas that need it.

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